Esplanade Townhall to Discuss Mass Arrests at Novotel Protest

Esplanade Community Townhall: Residents, Workers and Youth face mass arrests at Novotel
Where: Windmill Line Co-op @ 125 Scadding Ave.
When: Wednesday, June 30 @ 6:30

After a week of protests and action by the labour movement and working class communities to the policies of the G20, one of the final battles raged in front of Novotel, a hotel in our community where workers were on strike. Police had already shown their willingness to brutalize peaceful protesters and ignore our civil liberties over the past days.

On Saturday evening, they arrested more than 300 peaceful protesters, including many of our youth, bystanders and striking hotel workers during a peaceful rally on The Esplanade. This occurred while police forces stood back while black bloc vandals created havoc in the city of Toronto.

We, as the Esplanade community, will not accept such blatant disregard for our human well-being and our hard-fought civil rights. Working people have a right to protest increasing poverty, cuts to services and bailouts for the rich.

Join us on Wednesday, June 30th at 6:30 pm for an Esplanade community townhall. All are welcome and needed.


Organized by:
Esplanade Community Group
Toronto Young New Democrats

Endorsed by:
BASICS community Newsletter
Afghan-Iranian Youth Network

June Monthly Members Meeting

Where: St. Lawrence Recreation Centre

When: Thursday, June 24 @ 6:00pm

The Esplanade Community Group is holding is monthly members meeting this coming Thursday, June 24th at 6pm.

All are welcome to attend, contribute to decision making and to help take up tasks that are necessary for our work to continue. We need to get moving to tackle issues like good jobs, decent housing, social programs and police brutality.

We will be holding our meeting upstairs at the St. Lawrence Recreation Centre. Come out, and encourage friends and family to take part.

We will also be holding a brief educational on "Why Unions?". We also encourage people to attend a solidarity picket at the Novotel Hotel on the Esplanade. Workers in our neighbourhood will be going on strike for decent benefits and workplace security.

We will be meeting at Novotel (45 The Esplanade) at 4pm, and we encourage the whole community to show its support to workers who are fighting the bosses for a decent standard of living.

Let's Stand Up as a Community!

To confirm that you'll be coming to the members meeting, it's best to email us at

Upcoming Fundraiser

Esplanade Community Group brings you:

Power to the People; A Night of Empowering Local Artists, Community and Youth

Join us on June 11th for music, drinks, art, politics and community

The Esplanade Community Group has been fighting around issues affecting working class people in our community for the last year. Our cultural event is an opportunity for local Toronto and Esplanade rappers, poets, dancers and bands to promote their talent and promote the struggles in their communities. The Esplanade has been at the forefront in the fight against police brutality, for affordable housing, for adequate youth programming, for funding to social services and for good jobs.

All proceeds of the event go towards various organizing projects on the Esplanade.

Performances include:

Esplanade's Own:
Ian Kamau
4D and R-uh
Teddy F House

Vaughan & Oakwood's:

And many others

Tickets are 10$ for adults (19+) and 5$ for Youth.
Please get your tickets in advance.

Contact us at:

Location: Lorraine Kimsa Theatre for Young People
Address: 165 Front Street East
Date/Time: June 11th, starts at 6:30pm