Good Jobs and Decent Working Conditions

Are you unhappy with your treatment in the workplace?

Do you feel threatened by your employer or managers?

Do you want to make a change at your workplace?

The Esplanade Community Group is an organization in the Esplanade/St. Lawrence Community. We as an organization believe that everyone is entitled to a decent work environment/conditions free of prejudice and mistreatment. We know that in many workplaces here in our community, managers commonly engage in favouritism, unfair punishment, intimidation and sometimes even outright harassment.

A lot of workers don't know that they can start a union in their workplace. It has been proven that on average part-time unionized employees make $7.43 more per hour then their non-unionized counterparts. Unionized employees also benefit from better working conditions, benefits and working hours.

If you want to organize your workplace or start a union and need information or help, please feel free to contact us by email or phone.

We are aware that some employers and workplaces do not support unions and union organizing so all communication and/or involvement will be kept confidential at all times.

Phone: (647) 204-5312